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Having trained in Scotland and discovered the beauty of traditional Scottish Painted Ceilings, I have made re-interpreting the genre a speciality. These can be painted in situ or constructed off site and installed at a later date, minimising disruption.

Jenny is currently working on new ceiling projects at Craigietocher Tower, where the Laird's Room and Great Hall are complete with the Minstrel Gallery yet to be done.

Jenny has recently completed several new large ceiling projects, the ceilings at Fa'Side castle, Kinlochaline Castle, Annecy in France, Glen Shee and Castle of Park. When the Minstrel Gallery at Castle of Park was re-instated Jenny was asked to go back and give it a traditional design.
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Annecy, France.

This ceiling, again, very much reflects the personality and likes of the Family, living in this lakeside home in France. Details such as birth and marriage dates mingle with mediaeval animals, traditional Scottish images and fleur-de-lis to represent France. The colours of the beams were chosen to reflect those on the buildings of Annecy. The lettering is in “Yorkshire-speak” for the man of the House, Irish, for his Wife, and French.
Castle of Park

This is the most ornate ceiling I have done to date, and took 64 days to complete.
I was glad to be able to include many figures and devices the Clients wished for. The castle is very much a family home, and the particular choices made by members of the family reflect this.

The additional curved section at the window end of the hall lent itself to a leafy, patterned treatment, from a ceiling at Crathes castle,which was also the source for the knights and ladies.
Glen Shee.

This ceiling is plaster and beam, therefore, the mediaeval patterns, chosen by the Client, were painted off-site on Poly-Mural ( a canvas-like material) and fitted by local, expert paper-hangers, causing minimal disruption.
Minstrel Gallery, Castle of Park

The newly re-instated Minstrels gallery needed a little something to add to the drama.
Auchtertool House

Peter Nicolson, of Castle Restorations, Fife, built this Shooting Lodge, partly from reclaimed timber. He gave me free-rein to paint the Scottish Ceiling of my choice, and I re- interpreted many of my favourite images from Crathes castle .
Barholm Castle

Barholm was rebuilt and restored in 2006, having fallen into disrepair. The clients were keen to have indigenous flora and fauna incorporated into a rich and varied ceiling.

For more on Barholm Castle visit their website at

and if you take the virtual tour you'll find an excellent view of the ceiling here
Birse Castle

I decorated this beamed ceiling in the drawing room with Gothic patterns when the castle was renovated.
Craigietocher Tower

This is a large project with the Laird's Room,Great Hall completed and the Minstrel Gallery to be done next.
Cleish Castle

The family wanted a very personal interpretation for the ceiling in the Library so each of the children was painted in such a way as to reflect their personality and interests.
There is a gardener taken from an old print to represent one of the Grandmothers, and Coats of Arms from the family and from the Colleges they attended, amongst the many cameos.
The background colour was chosen for its warmth.
The panels were painted in the Studio, and later installed.
Dairsie Castle

Dairsie Castle had been a ruin before it's re-build. This ceiling was made for the Entrance Hall. The castle had once been occupied by ArchBishop Spottiswood, and the ceiling panels depict Archbishops' seals.
Fa'Side Castle

Fa'Side owner, Sue Brash, was inspired by a visit to see Jenny's work at Barholm and asked Jenny to one for her family house. Sue has written a marvellous piece describing how she and Jenny collaborated to produce a family 'album' for the ceiling.
Forter Castle

I had thirty days to complete the ceiling at Forter Castle, and took images from many traditional Scottish ceilings. The ceiling is a talking point at the many Weddings and Celebrations held in the Great Hall.
Kinlochaline Castle

The ceiling in Kinlochaline castle is a large plastered one with beams fairly spaced out. The Clients wanted only the beams painted in traditional style.
Stirling Castle

Historic Scotland asked me to create a Trompe l'oeil oak panelled ceiling for the Queens Hall, in the ancient Royal seat of Scotland.

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